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Mankind has top position among all lives in the world. It has happened because of all intelligence developed in man mind and all credit goes to education. And because of the power of education, man succeeded to have sovereignty over all lives. People belong to that country of societies are more intelligent and rule over the mankind. That society and aspect, we have to also generate that type of intelligent society, but for this, we have to provide equal and quality education for new generation.

In India, it has been started with great enthusiasm but the target of equal and compulsory education is far than before. Due to this, children of poor family are deprived from quality education. To fill this gap, we are Maury Education Trust in March 2006, to provide equal and quality education for poor children without any gain. In addition to above, in June 2008, we have formed Creative Research and Education Enterprises for Environmental Health and Safety Trust for better environment and health of poor / labourers to keep the environment under the nature rule.

Today, the whole world is worrying about the environment and looking on the N.G.O.s for the betterment of environment. As such, we want to definite our cooperation to environment improving campaign but forward full cooperation from you in this regard.

Central Warehousing Corporation
Chief Editor, “DARPAN”
Additional Secretary General, India Central Warehousing Corporation, SC/ST Emp. Federation
General Secretary, All India Confederation of SC/ST Organization (Gujarat State)